System Requirements

Configuration Check

Use the samples below to determine if Windows Media Player is properly installed on your computer and that your browser is configured to allow pop-up windows.

Sample Windows Media Player Video

If Windows Media Player is correctly installed on your computer, you should see a control bar at the bottom of the video area below. To view the sample Windows Media Player video, press the play button. Be sure you can hear the audio.

If you have trouble with the videos playing with your browser, try the "View video in standalone player" link that appears below each video. (NOTE: This option may not work in some browsers. Also, this option may create an empty browser window, which you may simply close.)

View video in standalone player
(Standalone video link may not work in all browsers. Also, it may leave an extra browser window open, which may be closed.)
  • If there is no control bar in the box to the left, please install (or re-install) Windows Media Player using the links in the System Requirements (listed above).
  • If you see the video image but do not hear audio, please check that your speakers are connected and turned on, volume turned up, and that your audio is not muted.
  • Audio okay, but no video? Grey video area?
    If you are using a Windows computer are able to hear the audio and see the control bar slider move after pressing Play, but do not see any video, try the following steps for a possible fix:
    1. Right-click the video area or control bar to the left. In the menu that appears, choose Options.
    2. Locate the Video Acceleration section under the Performance tab. If the Video Acceleration slider within this section is set to "full", drag it to the medium setting (half-way between "none" and "full").
    3. Press Okay and confirm the change, if prompted.

Sample Popup Window

Check to be sure your browser is configured to allow pop-up windows used on this site. To test this, click the link below:

View sample pop-up window

If the sample pop-up window did not appear, please enable pop-up windows. If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows XP and receive a script error (noted at the bottom of this window), try the remedy described in this Microsoft technical article: